I bring more than just my camera to your session. I bring my experience, my artistic vision, and my own style of shooting and editing – all of which are unique and special to me. And all of which combine to make your session and images heartfelt and timeless.


As a Mother, I see images as an ‘investment’, as opposed to an ‘expense’. I have a friend who realized when her second daughter turned two, that she had only taken a handful of photos of her. And the only photos they had of themselves as a family of four were the ones from the session I had done for them.  Life is busy.  And it passes by too quickly not to take the time and investment to have your memories captured.  I pay another photographer to take our family portraits. Photos with your loved ones are an absolute treasure, and something you can never have too many of.

My session fee is $65 for a custom one hour session.  This fee pays for my time in shooting and editing your family portraits.  I have several print packages to choose from that you can decide on after you view your images.  (Please follow the SESSIONS link at the top to find out more details on Birthday, Wedding, and Newborn/Milestone and so many more.

Your images will be ready for viewing and made available for order within one-two weeks of your session (depending on season).  You will be issued a personal password to allow you to access your own online gallery, where you can view and select your images.

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There are so many design ideas on the web for cards, announcements, save the dates, calendars, business cards, posters, albums, you name it etc.  I have a few designers that I prefer to work with but with that being said I can recreate almost any idea you can find. 

If you plan to print your digital images please take a look at the print quality example below.  My recommendation iswww.MPIX.com for all your personal printing needs.  They have a wide variety of products to choose from and their quality is second to none.

Here are a couple sites that will be useful in your search for the perfect product design. 

My Design Catalog

My Product Catalog

Jena Bridges Etsy Store

Jena Bridges Online Store

7th Avenue Designs

Sugarflies Designs




The most common question & statement I hear,

“I don’t have ANYTHING to wear!”


Please don’t STRESS!!!  It’s just a picture and I know you don’t do them everyday but seriously just dress comfortably, nothing out of the ordinary.

The best family photos I’ve ever taken are done with happy comfortable families dressed like they would everyday (okay maybe with the exception of maybe having a color coordinating scheme but thats not painfully difficult)!  I have several Pinterest boards solely based on clothing ideas as well as boards based on posing ideas so please feel free to browse my page and find something that catches your eye and let me know so we can build your custom shoot around that idea.  

Visit my page @  http://www.pinterest.com/jenabridges7/

Some of my favorite children’s stores are Janie & Jack, Crazy 8, and Gymboree but that’s not to say that Target doesn’t carry amazing clothes too!  Really!  My favorite stores just make it easy to mix and match the kiddos then mom & dad can throw on some jeans or a skirt and solid color top.  I do try to stay away for crazy patterns that distract the eye or any large logos that will date your pictures.

Having options gives you a ton of different poses and for the little ones a prop always makes things more entertaining!  Give your portraits some style - bring a jacket/ scarf/ hat/ vest/ etc.  Let's HAVE FUN!!!


When my daughters were born, I fell in love with photographing and documenting every moment and decided to turn an interest into a full-time passion. I believe every portrait is unique and personal. Each appointment is an opportunity to build relationships and lasting friendships with my wonderful clients.

As a wife and mother of two amazing and beautiful baby girls, I depend on the Lord for everything! He has shown me that life is unpredictable and precious and I’ve learned to do all things with grace, kindness and love through Him. Thru my passion, I will be showing others honor, and giving Him Glory in all that I do. I’m not perfect, I have my mishaps, but this is my life goal. Looking through the lens of my camera, I am constantly reminded that I am capturing His beauty in all things great and small.

In my photography, I strive to capture personality in that snapshot of a precious moment so you can relive it for years to come! I have always loved finding beautiful moments in life that just make you stop and say “I want to remember this..” I find so much joy in what I do and I look forward to capturing your moments so you too can look back and say, "Remember When…"


Jena Bridges
Owner, Photographer

NILMDTS | Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I have always wanted to do charity work and there are so many out there the choices somewhat overwhelmed me to be honest.  I was taking a photography course and the instructor started talking about a charity that she started and I knew immediately that I was going to be a part of this amazing foundation.  She is a well know photographer, Sandy Puc, and being well known she is also extremely busy but one day she received a call from a father asking to have his newborns pictures taken.  She said of course she would love to take them and would put him on her schedule for later date.  The father, Mike, said, “tomorrow will be to late, can you come right now?”…   Sandy as you can imagine felt a knife through her heart and cancelled any plans she had for the evening and went to the hospital.  She didn’t know what to expect just that she had to do this for this family and was not going to charge them a penny.  After Baby Maddox’s session, she and his mother, Cheryl, came together to begin Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and I urge you to listen to her tell the story in the video link below and please share this information with everyone!  We need photographers!  We have only five, including myself serving the Fort Worth area and would LOVE to have more in our city and any other in the country.  Having lost three angels myself this charity, NILMDTS means the world to me.  Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is so near and dear to my heart and you will be forever blessed to help us by passing this information along or contacting us to help!

Stories From Families With Losses

Sandi Puc's Story


Here are a couple recent Angel babies and their families that I had the honor of meeting and capturing a few precious moments that I will never forget.  One of the hardest things you will ever do is give a child back to Heaven.  I am so grateful and thankful that I am able to help in some small way to give these families a couple moments that they can remember forever.

Jeremiah John

Baby Hailey

Baby Emma